Fractured Heart Interactive

Fractured Heart is a interactive audiovisual mapped projection sculpture developed in collaboration between Illuminart and Gotye. Fractured Heart has been a backdrop to Gotye’s live performance during the 2011 ARIA Awards, presented in Sydney 2012 in the VIVID Light Walk. In late 2012 the sculpture was collected for long term exhibition at the National Film and Sound Archive, as an exemplar of Australian hybrid arts innovation.

Where can you see Fractured Heart Interactive?

ExhibitionThe beautiful interactive sculpture is currently on display in the main gallery of the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra.

It is accompanied by an exhibition of sketches, photographs, the original maquette for one of the sculptures and documentation of how the ingenious mapped projection sculpture was developed by a team of interdisciplinary artists.

The NFSA and illuminart are developing a new system that may enable Fractured Heart to be toured around Australia, so that other communities around Australian can experience the magic of live synaesthetic projection sculpture.


Fractured Heart Interactive at VIVID 2012

Fractured Heart Interactive (photo by Naomi Lamb)The beautiful Fractured Heart was initially conceived as a unique visual backdrop to a live performance, but ingenuity and new technology enabled illuminart to turn it into a live synaesthetic visual music instrument.

Here is a video showing Fractured Heart as it was presented in June 2012 at VIVID in Sydney.  It’s now on display at the National Film and Sound Archive, while illuminart work on the next versions of the instrument.

Videography courtesy of Peter Greig and Craig Laurendet. Photo by Naomi Lamb.

“State of the Art” installation update

NFSAFlickr_8484792618_3ee3edbeec_hBack in Canberra for a very short stint in early April 2013, Wally De Backer (Gotye), Craig Laurendet and Luku Kukuku (illuminart) converged at the National Film and Sound Archive to install the elements of Gotye’s “State of the Art” single into the Fractured Heart Interactive projection sculpture.

The NFSA have captured first moments of testing the new sound in the video below. The ever popular original piece will still be accessible to visitors but the plan is to expand the repertoire of the sculpture over time.

For more information about the installation and where to visit it in Canberra, visit

illuminart / gotye / nfsa : Launch of Fractured Heart Interactive in Canberra

Behind the scenes at the launch of Fractured Heart Interactive… National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra on the 15th February 2013.

Our team came in from everywhere to be present – Luku from Adelaide, Craig and Trevor from Sydney, and Cindi from Perth via Adelaide. Craig had arrived a day or so before to check on the installation, which was running perfectly. We met Michael Loebenstein (director of the NFSA) and Wally in the morning of the launch day, when he arrived coming straight from Sydney.

NFSAFlickr_8483637207_bd90f338fa_hThe day then began fairly quietly with interviews in the hushed gallery at the National Film and Sound Archive. Naturally everyone wanted to ask Gotye about his success at the Grammy’s that week, Cindi Drennan was interviewed about the making of Fractured Heart and Michael Loebenstein spoke about the exhibition of this piece and its relevance and significance to the NFSA collection.

Later events included NFSA Connect at Questacon, where Gotye spoke to students via a live audiovisual conference, in conversation about how he creates his form of digital music and some of the techniques that can be used. This amazing facility at Questacon is a full AV studio that is used to link up students with science-oriented presentations, so this was quite a new and exciting topic for the organisations involved.

NFSAFlickr_8484810030_d1ca486418_hFinally the moment everyone had been waiting for was the meet and greet from the steps of the National Film and Sound Archive. Looking through the glass doors revealed just how many fans there were in Canberra ready to say hello to Gotye and to check out the Fractured Heart sculptures, but he is used to it! Cindi however was pretty nervous – not that anyone could tell.  After a few polite speeches by Wally De Backer, Michael Loebenstein and Cindi Drennan, and introductions from the steps, the group and audience moved en masse into the Gallery where Wally and Cindi gave a demonstration of Fractured Heart.

NFSAFlickr_8483608171_d17a678af4_hIn the evening Gotye presented a selection of animations and Visual Music in the Arc Cinema followed by a presentation of illuminart’s playful prototype interactive instruments (Light Rhythm Plays) in the courtyard.

From our illuminarty perspective the day was a program jam packed with interviews, demonstrations and photographs of Fractured Heart, and at the end a relaxed evening at the National Film and Sound Archive. It was a fantastic way to launch the sculpture at NFSA, and it continues to be very very popular! If you visit, send us a photo of you playing it.

Photo credits: Darren Weinert and Brooke Shannon for NFSA, and Cindi Drennan and Craig Laurendet for illuminart. (for the official public photos and info you can visit the NFSA Flickr web site here).

Launch of Fractured Heart Interactive @ NFSA

Announcement on site

Gotye and illuminart launch Fractured Heart and introduce an evening of presentations and screenings at the NFSA on 15 February.

The NFSA is proud to exhibit Fractured Heart at its Canberra headquarters and to bring you an evening of presentations and screenings curated and introduced by Gotye and illuminart.

For full information and the program of events please visit the what’s on at NFSA web site.

Fractured Heart’s first week at NFSA

Highlights of Fractured Heart's first week at NFSAilluminart+gotye’s interactive Projection Sculpture in action… this video by the National Film and Sound Archive, shows the first week of Fractured Heart open to the public in Canberra.

Captures the build, training and first public guests, and some tips on how to play fractured heart when you visit.

Installing Fractured Heart at NFSA: week two

The days are counting down now until the installation opens to the public on the first of December 2012! And the installation gets better each day, now that Luku is in town to add the animation and together Craig and Luku finesse the interactivity and start up scripts. On Thursday the NFSA gallery volunteers attended for training, and thus at last this great project came to live in its fantastic new home!

Installing Fractured Heart at NFSA: End of first week

By the end of the first week in Canberra, the team are well on the way to having the sculptures installed and ready for interactive media.

T-shirts finally!

At long last the t-shirts designed by Luku as a first edition to thank our pozible supporters… have arrived from the printers. Looks like we will be packaging and posting these in early December. Hooray!The Illuminarty T-shirt designed by Luku Kukuku

Installing Fractured Heart at NFSA: Day one

After planning for about a month, Trevor and Craig begin the first week of installation at the National Film and Sound Archive… which begins with collecting the Sculpture from Salmagundi Studios in Arncliffe NSW and transporting it to NFSA in Canberra.